Informative and Inspiring – Keynotes and Commencement Speeches That Make a Statement
Rob possesses a library of knowledge in the area of Professional Development. In his 25-year career, he has worn many hats – he has been an employee, an employer, an Executive Recruiter and an Executive Coach. He is equally adept and passionate when speaking on topics ranging from successful resume writing to strategic hiring techniques, from career crossroads counseling to employee outplacement processes. Rob’s seminar and workshop themes can be categorized into 4 sections: Presentation Skill; Professional Development; Recruitment and Retention; and Career Development. And programs are always customized to clients needs.

Presentation Skills Workshop

Become a more effective & compelling presenter
Getting people to Call You Back
Capture Your Charisma

Professional Development

Writing For Impact
Becoming A Trusted Partner
Strategies for Becoming More Optimistic
Creating a Winning Elevator Pitch: How to Say Who You Are

Career Development

Making the Most of Your College Years
Identifying and Pursuing You Dreams
Packaging Your Potential
Marketing Yourself for the Future
Rèsumès Can Get interviews, But Cover Letters Can Launch Careers

Recruiting & Retention

Interviewer Training
Creating Effective Job Descriptions
Recognizing Talent–Before it’s Too Late!
Networking & Relationship Building
Here I AM, But where Am I Going?


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