Rob Sullivan offers insights for students in how to market themselves in the best possible way. He provides examples of how actual people have used this knowledge to propel themselves into opportunities that fulfill their life’s dreams. Our students have commented that Rob’s wisdom and style of writing encouraged them in their own job search.

Elly Tucker
University of Virginia/Charlottesville, Career Resources Manager

Rob, a big thank you! We thought it was a great event. Just to give you a sense of things, we launched our follow up survey to the event and the response rate and the feedback has been fantastic. The 4.82/5.00 rating you achieved was the highest overall satisfaction of the 14 events we did this year.

Kathy Noble
University of Michigan Alumni Association, Vice President

Keynotes &

Informative and Inspiring – Keynotes and Commencement Speeches That Make a Statement

Rob has spoken on a diverse range of topics — and to a wide variety of audiences. His keynotes and commencement speeches are tailored to suit his listeners, and are always as insightful as they are entertaining.

And while his expertise lies in Professional Development, it’s his personal, honest delivery that brings has message home. His warm, open, unassuming presentation style quickly eliminates the ‘intimidation factor’ in any topic, and creates a wonderful atmosphere for learning and growth.

Rob has provided compelling keynotes for Merrill Lynch, the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, Loyola Marymount University and the Society of Human Resource Professionals, just to name a few. And he has been honored to deliver motivating commencements speeches for Stratford University in Washington, D.C., the international Academy of Design & Technology in Chicago, the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and the American intercontinental University in Atlanta.


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